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About Us

Helping communities through education and recylcing

Books4PNGKids aims to help early reader literacy in Papua and New Guinea (PNG).


It is our mission to boost literacy for ALL CHILDREN through the equitable distribution of books and resources in PNG, so that particularly those in remote and rural areas who are often disadvantaged, can potentially offer more to PNG’s future.


Books4PNGKids is passionate about education and recycling, and we strive to have a sustainable and positive impact in our communities and the environment.

Our Story

Heather Doonan founded Books4PNGKids in 2001. From humble beginnings it now has a network of contacts and supply chain across the Pacific.


Books4PNGKids may often be the only source of books for schools, particularly remote schools. The entire chain has no direct costs or revenue. A discarded book in Australia is fully reused for free-issue and use in PNG.


Heather ensures that there is accountability at the delivery end as she feels great obligation to the volunteers who support her and to those who donate. Check out the latest deliveries on our Facebook page. All books are donated completely free to the school, kindergarten, university, hospital, or higher education facility.


Main sources of book donations include private individuals, school libraries, publishers, authors, charities with excess books and book drives at schools.

Meet Heather, CEO


Heather Doonan is the CEO of Books4PNGKids and leads, coordinates, and manages the logistics of the entire supply chain from book pickup in Australia to delivery to schools in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.


Heather is an inspirational leader who makes the process work smoothly and delivers extraordinary outcomes.


Heather has always endeavoured to help those in need whether in Brisbane where she lives, in New Zealand where many of her family live or in the Pacific Islands whose culture she embraces.

Our Volunteers

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Every Friday 8am-4pm at our Salisbury warehouse, an army of volunteers sort, pack, label and load the books onto pallets awaiting dispatch. 


Volunteers come from all walks of life. They can be PNG students studying in Brisbane, Australians who have lived in PNG or simply Brisbane locals who see the benefit and want to help.


Books4PNGKids is inclusive, empowering and fun. We warmly welcome new volunteers and appreciate any time you can dedicate to our cause.

Some of Our Partners

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Our Volunteers
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