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Our Partners

We are very thankful to work with so many incredible organsiations, schools, libraries and individuals to achieve our mission. Check out some of these wonderful partners and supporters listed below, with some photos and testimonials.

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The initial contact made with Books 4 PNG Kids was motivated from our College’s mission - We are a learning community uniting, inspiring and succeeding through Christ and our value of sustainability within our school. As we were due to ‘weed’ part of our library collection, we wanted to ensure that these resources would not go to waste, but could be used elsewhere. I contacted Heather, who was very friendly and helpful, as she discussed Books 4 PNG Kids’ purpose and mission informing me about the types of donations that were welcomed by her organisation.


Thinking that this could be the perfect fit, we decided to integrate hosting our very first Book and Stationery Drive in our community with Library and Information Week. From there it was easy. Using the guide, Run a Book Drive on their website, I spread the word by displaying posters around the school, and communicating through face to face conversations with students and staff, Facebook, College blogs, emails, assembly and the College newsletter. The drive ran for 2 weeks where the Library Team welcomed all donations and boxed as soon as they were received.


The Book and Stationery Drive was a huge success with many of our parents commenting on the fact that they had been waiting for an opportunity like this. They wanted to give their much loved books that they had read with their children to someone in need and who would enjoy and benefit from these resources. These combined with our weeded items gathered over 50 boxes of donations.


Books 4 PNG Kids is a wonderful organisation impacting the lives of others in a positive way. We will endeavour to support them in the future.


- Alison O'Keefe, Teacher Librarian, Unity College Caloundra

Unity College Caloundra Book Drive 2021

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Schoolstuff Pty Ltd was established by Alison Walsh and Lisa Jensen in 2004 to supply stationery and textbooks to schools. It has now grown to employ over 60 staff. Both Directors are hands on in the business at all times with set roles managing marketing, warehouse logistics, retail and human resources.

Since the beginning, Schoolstuff has expanded from servicing five schools in 2004 to currently servicing sixty plus schools in South East Queensland, ranging in size from 100 students to 1400 students. With an excellent reputation and rapport with the schools and school communities they supply and the suppliers they work with, they also provide hardship packs to their partner schools and resources to PNG kids.

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